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Kuljetuspyörä.com is the english site of Kuljetuspyörä.fi. Kuljetuspyörä.fi brings quality, low-cost cargo bikes from the Netherlands to the Finnish market. Our aim is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of (cargo)biking. We keep the purchasing, transportation and sale entirely in our own hands, so we can offer the cargo bikes for an affordable price.

The cargo bike (kuljetuspyörä in Finnish) is the perfect alternative to a car when you go shopping or with the kids to the park. With a cargo bike you can easily transport kids as well as groceries, you can transport a maximum 100kg in it. (the maximum according to the Finnish law).

In order to keep the prices of the cargo bikes affordable, the cargo bikes are not sold through bike shops, but directly to the customer.

If you are interested, contact us by sending an email to

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